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"The Not-So-Good Signs, Bad Signs, Ugly Signs, Stupid Signs and Dumb Signs" Awards Contest

"From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own."

- Syrus

The photos below are a collection of really bad, ugly, poorly-built signs.  You can see why picking the correct sign company is vital.


Signs of No Business

Unmatched letter sizesd and terrible neon lighting in channel letters.

Besides the letters not being the same size, the neon that lights these letters wasn't made properly.  This shop went out of business in 2 months.  (We DIDN'T make the sign!) Most of a donut shops business is when it is still dark out - what kind of impression did this sign make?

New Cleaners sign with terrible neon.A almost-new sign with neon that does not fit the letters properly.  Enlarge the picture and discover that the paint is already coming off the bottom of the raceway, too.  (No, we didn't make it!  Neither did they.)
Presidents Award Ribbon

2 year old sign with faded paint. The paint is already coming off this 2 year-old sign.  Certainly not the paint Ferrari and Allen Signs Manufacturing uses!  Even the plastic is lasting longer than the paint.

House paint on a metal sign cabinet.House paint on metal.  Lasts long enough for the customer's check to clear.  Again, not the paint we use.

Unprotected, faded, channel letter faces.The UV fading to this sign is dramatic!  It should have been coated with SolarGuard™.

SolarGuard protected acrylic vs. unprotected acrylicThis trim-capped piece of red plastic was coated on the left side with SolarGuard™, and put on top our roof for 7 years.  The fading, and the UV damage to the trim-cap on the right side, is dramatic. Signs Manufacturing uses SolarGuard™ on every piece of plastic.
Designers Award Ribbon

When you design a sign, be VERY careful about font selection and  s p a c i n g.  We know this, apparently others don't.

Unprotected flexible sign face with rust stains and yellowing.The color damage to this white-background flex-face sign, and the rust stains on the face, make a once-nice sign look cheap.  They should have used Optigard™.

Yellowed Flexible Sign FaceThe color of the background used to be white.  They should have used Optigard™, too.

Optigard protected Flexible Sign Face vs. Unprotected Flexible Sign FaceThis piece of flexible sign face (flex-face) with red vinyl lettering was coated on the right side with Optigard™ and placed on top our roof for 7 years.  Enlarge the picture and you will see that the UV damage to the lettering is dramatic.  The UV color damage to the flex-face material is obvious.  Allen Signs Manufacturing coats all flex-face material with Optigard™ to prevent this.

Peeling Vinyl LetteringIt will have to be a Divine Inspiration.  Next week the sign will be totally unreadable.  It should have been coated with SolarGuard™.






Wilting Lettering SignAnother sign that should have been coated with SolarGuard™.


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)




Protected Vinyl vs. Unprotected Vinyl LetteringIdentical red vinyl lettering was placed on a sheet of painted aluminum, and the top half was coated with SolarGuard™.  Enlarge the picture to see the UV damage to the bottom lettering up close and personal.  Allen Signs Manufacturing coats all vinyl graphics with SolarGuard™.

Partially illuminated neon sign.It is very important to keep your sign in good repair.


Partially Illuminated Channel-letter Sign.Yes, it is VERY important to keep your sign in good repair.
Installers Award Ribbon

Hey, if BUFFET doesn't work, they can try doing whatever the sign under it says!  Kind of makes you hungry.
Electricians Award Ribbon

Uneven Lettering Falling Off of Wall"O"-no! (Notice how uneven the letters are, also.  The sign company must have thought they said "SHORT CUTS.")

Uneven lettering.This sign replaced a sign that caught fire and burned.  Must have used the same sign company again, the work is so bad.

Bank of America Sign Lighted There's a reason we shouldn't use dark colors in lighted signs.  Maybe that's why WE (as in government) had to bail-out these people.






Bad Electronic Message CenterIt's terrible to pay over $70,000 for an electronic message center, then not be able to get parts for it 2 years later.  Thank Goodness we didn't sell it!

Fun with Signs

Tattoos For Lease sign.What can we add?





No Dumping SignWe're not allowed to go outside!


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)






Parking SignAlways plan ahea



(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)



SOPT sign.Oops.

New Magement Banner

Hope they can cook, they certainly can't spell.


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)




0% OFF banner.Big sale tomorrow!

Electrocution sign....then they'll sue you.



Gas Party Sign

An Odor Removal Company?


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)



SIGNS of the TIMES Magazine "Ugly Sign Contest"

Winners from Years Past


Signs of the Times magazine ran an Ugly Sign contest for years.  They were kind enough to contribute these pictures of OUR favorites, so that they could be gone, but not forgotten.


Jones Sign Company Sign

Jones Sign Company.






Parkway Signs Sign

Parkway Signs.






Building Inspection Sign Permit Sign

Building Inspection Sign Permits entrance.







Laser Land Sign Fire

Laser Land (VERY HOT laser)





Lucky Leprechan Sign Fire

LUCKY Leprechan?





Invaluable Signs (Not Worth a Damn)

Multi-tenant Sign

Multi-tenant Sign.  Your business will be VERY successful if your included on this sign.


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)







No matter how you read it, this business is disturbing!






Merle Norman Cosmetics Sign

I'll bet Merle Norman LOVES this!


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)



Hanging Sign

Do you think the bigger letters help?


(SIGNS of the TIMES magazine)



The World's Most Expensive Animated Message Center

There is one animated message center we won't ever attempt to duplicate.  Click HERE to view the sign in action.  (You'll enjoy this!)


Grateful Acknowledgements

 Image contributions by:

Signs of the Times magazine/SignWeb

800-925-1110 x304  Erma Dotson for subscription information.


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